My Leadership Formula

The Art and Science of Success

 "My" first Amazon Best-Selling Anthology in which I contributed a chapter, was published in 2011 by Matt Morris, author of "The Unemployed Millionaire," whom I met while marketing WorldVentures.

Excerpts from the book's press release state: Cheri Avery Black, an expert on creating success, is a co-author of the recently-released book, The Art and Science of Success, Proven Strategies From Today’s Leading Experts. The book is a collection of works from authors sharing their stories of inner resolve, proven strategies and advice on how readers can gain success in all areas of life.  

“Many had to overcome extreme challenges to find their own version of success, and those stories are heartening and enlightening. We are truly honored to have Cheri Avery Black and her inspiring story as a major contribution to the book,” says Traci Williams, President & CEO of Success You Publishing. 

“The world is crying out from the darkness for liberating leaders. I joined my co-authors’ voices to help illuminate the unique gifts that each person has within, so vital to our partnering for a sustainable future,’” Ms. Black explained.


In my chapter On our journey as Liberating Leaders, I shared “My Leadership Formula: C.H.E.R.I.” created with the letters of my name: Choice, Happiness, Energy, Responsibility and Inner fortitude. 

I encourage you to check out my formula, which can also work for you. You may then wish to  personalize your formula as well, based on how you define success.