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Cheri's Chapter in 2nd 'Amazon Best-Selling' Anthology

In Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being, published in 2014, I wrote as “Chia Cheri” about a "miracle" I experienced starting the year before. I had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the lungs, (also in the uterus and liver) with less than a 10% chance to live for five years. I made many lifestyle changes and in less than four months the cancer cells were undetectable. I was feeling more energetic than ever and compassionately compelled to share how it seemed that this miracle was co-created! 

Thankfully in this journey I keep learning from thrivers who have experienced "miracles" in their lives as well. I invite dialogue  with others about how we're making this way of living more common – starting with tossing the negative-sounding die-t that is so detrimental to many, and replacing it with nature’s wholesome bounty that we gave a positive name Live-it for a disEase-free joyful experience. 

We are challenged by what can seem to be stressful, unfair, and even unbearable assaults to our ability to live in joy and gratitude. I believe that we are here on Earth to Live Life Fulltime in vibrant health, happiness, and abundance. Each of us is as unique as a snowflake making a mark on the world, with our minds and desires expanding the possibilities, with our bodies designed for well-being and healing, and with our souls powered by love. 

I encourage you to request my free "15 Steps to Becoming a Miracle."

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